FU is a modern voiced silicon fuzz pedal that incorporates SoundBrut's custom tone stack.

Six specifically carved mid-cut voicings provide a variety of fuzz tones, ranging from fizzy to buzzy. Being true to simple yet beautiful vintage fuzz circuits, FU cleans up well, provide scorching amounts of gain, sharp attacks and blossoming harmonics.

Spec sheet: here. Warranty: here


  • Silicon fuzz with volume, gain and tone control. 
  • Gain control ranges from sharp drive to well-rounded fuzz sounds. 
  • Chords maintain clarity, even at high gain settings. 
  • 6-way tone switch for 6 fuzz voicings.  
  • Input regulation that maintains a tonal stability before or after any other pedal. 
  • True bypass switching. 
  • Runs on 9V DC power (no battery operation)