SoundBrut VA


A MOSFET boost coupled with a custom tone circuit.

Our custom built and tuned Varitone circuit has a 6-way selector for 6 different capacitors. Together with a 2-way Q switch, that acts as a master EQ-depth selector for the capacitors, VA can be used as a boost pedal (up to 30 dB’s) with 12 different tone presets.


DRVA is an overdrive and boost in one.
DR side is a hard-clipping overdrive, controlled via volume, gain and treble-cut knobs. VA side is a MOSFET boost with a custom tone stack, controlled by a boost knob, 6-way tone selector and 2-way EQ depth selector. Both sides can be operated individually or together in series.


A modern voiced silicon fuzz pedal that incorporates SoundBrut's custom tone stack.

Six specifically carved mid-cut voicings provide a variety of fuzz tones, ranging from fizzy to buzzy. Being true to simple yet beautiful vintage fuzz circuits, FU cleans up well, provide scorching amounts of gain, sharp attacks and blossoming harmonics. 

SoundBrut is a guitar effects company, based in Sweden, founded by Hazar Mutgan and Özüm İtez, two members of instrumental psychedelic rock band Hayvanlar Alemi.