A MOSFET boost coupled with a custom tone circuit.

Our custom built and tuned Varitone circuit has a 6-way selector for 6 different capacitors. Together with a 2-way Q switch, that acts as a master EQ-depth selector for the capacitors, VA can be used as a boost pedal (up to 30 dB’s) with 12 different tone presets.


DRVA is an overdrive and boost in one.

DR side is a hard-clipping overdrive, controlled via volume, gain and treble-cut knobs. VA side is a MOSFET boost with a custom tone stack, controlled by a boost knob, 6-way tone selector and 2-way EQ depth selector. Both sides can be operated individually or together in series.

SoundBrut is a guitar effects company, based in Sweden, founded by Hazar Mutgan and Özüm İtez, two members of instrumental psychedelic rock band Hayvanlar Alemi.